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captioning sponsored by comedy central ♪jon: welcome to the show. i'm jon stewart. we're still here in denver, it's day two. it's day three it's mountain time. our coverage is 26 hours behind. we must get right to the coverage. last night it was a huge one for the steps. built around a headlining speech
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by hillary clinton. but the lead up to the main event was full of inspiring speeches from sebelius, paterson, velazquez, schweitzer who is out with a career ending penis injury. brian schweitzer who is going to lead us into the next president of the united states. take that lieberman. they don't need you because schweitzer is in the house. what is the matter you are not jewish. that explains the bolo tie. ultimately it's the former presidential candidate and alien abduction dennis kucinich to ton yorabble rouser.
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>> wake up america. wake up america! [cheers and applause] >>jon: well, i have been in show biz for a long time. when you do this. isn't it supposed to be a puff of smoke or something like that. i mean a speech or end your shift playing black jack. of course not everyone chose to give a good speech. take the night's keynote speaker, governor of virginia mark this is washingto where barrac d himself into mark warner: "and then, a budds
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this new idea. this thing called "car telephones". yoyou are crazy go get a real j. nobody is going to want a phone in their car. with a lot of hard work i got into the ground floor of the cell industry. excuse me for a minute. >> hi, is mark there please? >> oh he's busy can i leave a message? you speech suuuks he made no ito sense and you suck. you don't have to call me back. all right. senator clinton'sintroductis and included 48 speakers.
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leaving one slack jawed on camera for an uncomfortable amount of mouth breathing time. what the? this is the only thing i can imagine he doesn't have sweat glands and that is how he stays cold. finally, it was time for hillary clinton to speak. you know her her people made a little video tribute to lead into her speech. we -- i'm sorry. couldn't help ourselves we made a little party of what that video would be if we made it. take a look. >> hillary. how do you become a. they did write back an say
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"we're not taking any women". >>jon: that is priceless. we're irrepressible. i'm sorry i was told that was the actual video. are you sure? i'm sorry. this was all parody but it wasn't. ♪ girls girls girl thank you very much. i just believe that i popped my pelvis out of joint. >> i'm very proud to introduce my hero, and my mother! joz ladies and gentlemen please welcome super man and hillary clinton. i'm sorry. what did by some counts the
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hillary clinton need to do in her speech? she has to sell it. hillary clinton cannot dance tonight. >> we want barak obama to be the president of the united states. >> if you walk into a party and you have a ketchup stain on your shirt and no one will hear what you have to say until you address it. that is m what hillary has to do tonight. joz sh>>jon: she has to clean i. >> hillary: no way, no m. i support barak obama for president. jo>>jon: a shocking endorse many. >> mentmany. >> the speech was a little low . >> i don't think hillary is
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nearly as big a problem for obama as bill clinton. jo>>jon: let's not forget about longer clinton and what about george clinton he could bump things up senior a analyst john oliver joins us right now. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] >> and that is a high altitude. >> sea level.john, hillary neede a strong statement of support for barak obama. she made several of them. >> john: did she, jon jo.jon: i. >> john: did you.jon: i just sa. play the clip.
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>> hillary: no way, no how, nom. >> john: she never said shelaidr said she was human garbage. that would have sent a signal of support. >>jon: what about this. hillary: what about this barak owobama is my candidate and he s going to be president. >> john: she didn't say when.20. did you see her outfit she could have chose a more supported look than an tan tangerine pant suit. >>jon: you want this contest. >> that is the shore yo story sn ridicule me.
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i'm only doing it because it's fun and easy and i have time to kill. i used to be like you thinking the party would come together until i spent the entire evening finding a woman to under cut that theory. >>jon: did you? >> o >> john: i was at the pepsicent. are you ready to heal? >> are you ready to heal? are you ready to heal. come on. don't move. r you going to heal? >> hillary: barak obama goodand. 45 minutes ago these people
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couldn't walk. we heal. we heal. she couldn't do it and might have done it. the speech was amazing. and it brought people together. how do you feel. >> not great. >> john: what are you talkingab? >> i don't think we can use a band aid to cover the wound at this point. >> john: let me get thisstraigh. you don't think we healed. >> if you look at the into the night and onwards into a bright future and they never give all of the seats in november.
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welcome back the big story this
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week has been unity. choking down bitterness and hatred for the good of the team. one network is so focused on uncovering the brush fire amongst democrats has perhaps not noticed it's own house is on fire. the democratic leader of the house has been kind much to standby with us inside of the pepsi center and has listened to us go off at the mouth here on the subject of the senator clinton's speech tonight. >> i can do the same to youokay. that is what i thought. all right. what can i say? >> to be a fly on the nbc roof. i wonder which one has the piggy. you can't have waldorf or sam the eagle.
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the mccain campaign and the fact that the mccain campaign has been leading forward 1-0. according to some mccain people a double. in olbermann's defense, he thought his mic was "all the way" up. it is a not just waldorf and sam the eagle and sam the eagle and beaker. >> why are you so mat hateful. why do you want to keep people in iraq longer than they need to be here. do you ever watch this show. i guess you sleep through it because you missed it three timingtimes in a row. >>jon: i guess the weather in scarborough country is rainy
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with a bit of the arrrr we own have time for one of you i'm going to go with wyatt. >> . >> samantha: whoa i'm ready nowo go with wyatt. >> samantha: i'm like ten times. >>jon: you are great ou you and your husband are great. and i thought we would go with wyatt to get a different perspective. >> samantha: okay.great. if i may. i would like to address all of the people who have supported me on my extraordinary journey of media analysis. like diane johnson an elder whri woma --elderly woman in wichitao
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held my hand and begged me to keep analyzing. or timmy let's say baker a little boy who sold his buy cycle to afford one more month of cable to watch my segment even though they are free on our website. to you i say let it go. now we must unite and let wyatt give you your media analysis. if we don't jon will have that [bleep] rob wriggle do it. and we cannot afford four more minutes of rob wri wriggle. he is an oaf. now more than ever we need wyatt to report on this story. good night! and thank you. [cheers and applause]
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glnchesd >>jon: wow. that was incredible. she threw her support me hind you. what is your report. >> i have nothing.actually is io the kanye west show. >>jon: we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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>>jon: former presidential candidate joining us from the pepsi center in downtown denver. howard dean nice to see you sir. >>jon: how are you. >> i'm just great. >>jon: day three of the convention and you are chairman of the convention and how do you think it's going and please feel free to not be honest. >> i have to say it's goinggrea. i really do. i tried this off the air and i tried it on the air. how many houses do you own, jon?
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do you remember? if you remember you would be a better president than john mccain. we'll freeze the frame and redo. >> thank you.jon: let me ask yoa question hillary clinton last night that was quite the speech do you think she sewed up the nomination? >> you have to say she is a class act you have to say. she is great and she go the right thing. ithing. >>jon: it was an amazing speech. clinton speaking and it feels like everyone fears him. he is a very savvy politician but people are acting like he is literally going to walk up and unleash a string of profanity. as though he is a crazy person.
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>> only the cable guys are hoping for that. >> i think he is going to be. he is no colbe rest rt i mean. >>jon: touche. touche i say sir. do you have an inkling. >> he is nice guy and theiniebih to deal with foreign policy and nobody knows that more than bill clinton i think he will do a great job. >>jon: how about the experience thing. why they not awake for the past 8 years? i don't quite understand why nobody is bringing up the video clips of what they have said over the past 8 years.
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>> in wil there will be a lot oe for that. >>jon: what are you waiting for? >> what am i waiting for what? >>jon: i don't know. >> is there a time delay in the studio? this is like inside john mccain's brain. >>jon: one final question. obviously senator obama is battling a certain sense of a little argument and presumptionn whose idea it was it to give his speech in front of the parthenon? >> what? >>jon: it looks like the columns are behind him. >> i have not seen the set fort. but the last time he was in urineuropehe got 200,000 europee
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an american flag and we have not seen that for a long time from an american president. >>jon: we seen it. we have seen the it but normally it's on fibre. fibre -- fire. i wish you well i know it's a hectic week for you we appreciate you taking the time to join us. thank you very much and enjoy your convention. >> thank you very much, jon. >>jon: you are welcome. take
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jon: that's our show.oin us tomt at 11:00 we'll are coverage of president clinton's speech. now here it is your momentch zen. >> i bet everybody in d.c. hasig cards. >> go ahead babe. go ahead. captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh
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>> tonight from the mile high city it's the democratic national convention. guess who's coming to denver? starring a black guy, white liberal guilt, and featuring the comedy styling of uncle grumpy. [cheers and applause] captioning sponsored by comedy central >> very nice to see you tonight, ladies and gentlemen.
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thank you for joining us. you're very kind. you're really very kind. please. i'm getting winded. my name is jon stewart. thursday night here in denver. senator evan bayh of indiana will be joining us as the democratic national convention reaches its peak. let's get right out to aasif mandvi live in mile high stadium, invesco field. aasif mandvi, thanks for joining us. wow, what a night, what a night. >> yeah. just minutes ago barack obama finished his -- his historic acceptance speech. wow, what a speech it was. >> yes. we were all watching it here. >> so you saw him talk about hope? >> yes, hope. and that part
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